Entry #1


2009-09-13 11:29:29 by BassShockerzMusic

Not many reviews coming guys.. come on~!


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2009-09-13 23:14:51

dude dont talk about that kind of stuff on your posts. if you want to know why my scores are so low, its because i did what you're doing right now. some level 13 guy thinks my songs are shitty and that im bitching about the rating system, so he goes through every fucking song i have (literally) and rates them all zero...and i cant do anything about it. you just have to learn to deal with it.

BassShockerzMusic responds:

I figured so i changed the post lol..


2009-09-14 11:29:25

yo igot self friend from Japan maybe heard his tracks he is kinda big our there ithik he called him self Dj aura Qualic : )


2009-10-11 15:35:14

dun worry its k...

your stuff is good enough without reviews muddling it all up...


2009-10-11 19:06:26

where can i dl your remixes that are on your myspace?

BassShockerzMusic responds:

here on NG. If its not on here.. PM me and i'll send you it.


2009-10-17 12:20:34

Protip: Reviews suck. Make music how you like it.


2010-01-18 14:37:18

i love your music man, ill try to drop some more reviews on your songss <3

BassShockerzMusic responds:

thanks dude


2010-05-19 17:04:19

anything new coming up soon?